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Improve your English skills with these free online courses

Explore British culture

Find out more about British culture including the environment, entrepreneurship and literature. Improve your listening skills by listening to native speakers and learn useful tips for improving your spoken and written English.

Learn from Shakespeare

Explore the universal themes in the works of Shakespeare, learn the expressions he contributed to the English language and discuss why Shakespeare has endured in English culture.

Discover language through English history

Look at a key event in the history of England - the signing of the Magna Carta. Examine why it became an important symbol of liberty and human rights and look at the relevance of this ‘great charter’ to the 21st century.

Be taught by the renowned British Council

With a presence in over 100 countries, the British Council works with millions of people each year. They have 75 years experience of connecting people with the United Kingdom, sharing culture and information about English, the arts, education and the UK’s ways of living and organising society.

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