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Help create a more balanced world

Women hold just 5% of CEO roles in Fortune 500 companies¹. They make up around a quarter of core STEM occupations². Only 24.1% of parliamentarians across the world are women³. Things need to change.

In 2019 the world expects better gender balance. And a better balance is better for everyone. According to consulting firm McKinsey, companies with more women in management positions perform better in many different ways - even financially (McKinsey).

To play our part in ending gender inequality, this collection features introductory courses to industries women are under-represented in (such as technology, engineering and finance) and courses to help you build your existing skills. The collection also features courses that uncover the fascinating and important history of women’s rights.

References ¹ Fortune, 2018 ² Wise Campaign, 2017 ³ Inter-parliamentary Union, 2018