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Live a healthy lifestyle with these free online courses

Living a healthy lifestyle can be tricky, with so much conflicting medical advice out there. This collection of free online healthy living courses is designed to help.

Created by top nutritionists and medical experts from leading universities, and built on the latest healthcare research, these courses will enable you to:

Improve your diet

You can discover the science behind nutrition, develop the skills to understand the medical advice we hear everyday in the news, and find out the causes and consequences of rising obesity levels around the world.

Enhance your wellbeing

You can get advice on how nutrition contributes to your physical wellbeing, and find out how practising mindfulness can improve your mental wellbeing and performance at home, work or school.

Manage your long-term conditions

You can discover more about the rising threats of heart disease and liver disease, and learn how to manage your own long-term condition.

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