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If you enjoy taking care of those in need, a career in nursing can be highly rewarding. Similarly, if you have an interest in healthcare and medicine, an online nursing course can be a fascinating area of study.

By choosing to study a nursing course online, you get access to a wide variety of topics in many different formats. This breadth of knowledge means you can pick and choose which areas you study and develop.

So, whether you’re new to the field or an experienced professional looking for nursing CPD courses, you can expand your understanding of nursing. Studying online can fit around your existing lifestyle, commitments, and shift patterns.

You don’t have to commute to a study location or buy textbooks; you can access all the materials online whenever you so choose, giving you the freedom to pursue study without impacting your schedule or lifestyle.

Our portfolio of nursing courses offers learning opportunities for newly qualified nurses through to experienced nurses looking to progress into leadership roles.

For example, those just considering nursing as a profession may find a course giving an introduction to nursing beneficial. Those with more experience may want to focus on specific subjects such as Parkinson’s disease.

No matter what your level of knowledge is currently, you’re sure to find a nursing course that’s suitable for you. As you expand your understanding, you can continue to explore new and exciting areas of this wonderful profession.

Many of the introductory courses in nursing are short-form modules that span a few weeks’ worth of learning. Often, these types of courses require around 2-6 hours of study each week. You can upgrade within these courses to gain a certification.

If you want a more in-depth learning experience that results in a qualification, you might want to consider one of our online degrees.

These qualifications, offered by top universities, will give you the depth and breadth of learning required to kick-start your career in this field.

CPD stands for continued professional development and is a term used to describe the process of advancing learning and training for qualified nurses and practitioners. This involves taking further training courses to develop new skills and build knowledge in areas of expertise.

CPD courses for nurses are essential for ongoing development and improvements in healthcare. Through completing nursing training courses, nurses can continue to provide high quality care to patients and learn new skills that will help to deliver effective and safe care to patients.

There are a number of pathways into a career in nursing. One of the most common routes is to obtain a degree in nursing from an accredited institution. There are also other ways such as through a degree apprenticeship or nursing associate training courses. For those interested in nursing as a career, taking an introductory nursing course could provide further insight into the profession and the many options that are available once qualified.

For more information, read our guide on how to become a nurse.

With a wide variety of courses for nurses available across a range of specialisms and areas of expertise, a nurse training course from FutureLearn is a great way to learn new skills or continue your professional development in nursing. Our courses vary in length and are fully flexible, meaning they can fit around your personal schedules. Our Unlimited subscription service allows you to take an unlimited number of courses giving you access to a large course library across a variety of specialisms.

Yes, online nursing degrees are a great way to earn your degree at your own pace around other commitments. We have a range of online nursing degrees from top universities for you to discover.

Nursing is an essential and highly sought after skill set worldwide. We rely on nurses and other healthcare professionals throughout our lives.

Whether you’re experienced in nursing or just starting out on your learning experience, a nursing course can help you expand your professional skills or take the next step in your career. Here, you’ll also find a range of online nursing degrees from top universities.

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