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Cut through 'brain fog' with flexible online learning

Have you found working from home has reduced your daily ‘me time’? New research from UCL professors, commissioned by the rail industry, has revealed that the return to your commute can have a positive impact on cognitive performance, wellbeing and productivity. A daily train journey to and from work is dedicated time without distractions, which offers psychological benefits for wellbeing and brain function.

And, importantly, a train commute offers time outside of both work and home, when you can focus solely on yourself. So why not get creative with your travel time?

Online courses with FutureLearn are designed to be taken at your own pace, and are 100% online. All you’ll need to start a course is a phone, tablet or laptop and a solid connection. Now you can turn your train carriage into your personal classroom!

Whether you want to improve your work performance, finally learn that second language, or get your side hustle off the ground, with online courses on FutureLearn, your journey to work may just be the thing that changes your life.

With subjects covering everything from languages and mindfulness to coding and sustainability, find a flexible course you love today and start making your commute count.