Welcome to Module 4

Luis Carrizo (UNESCO) the Academic Coordinator opens the door to this last week of the International Course on Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean, by briefly presenting the core issues this Module will address.

During the week in which, after having acknowledge the complexities of the link between knowledge and policies (“necessary”, “disjointed” “scant”, as pointed out by many), after having made incursions into inequality’s multifaceted web, after have progressed in the management of knowledge applied to policies, it is time to take a look in perspective at what there is to be imagined and what there is to be done.

This would seem to be the right moment to remember Ernesto Sábato, a distinguished scientist and thinker from this part of the world and part of our history:

We are dulled by habit, and now nothing surprises us. Humans are accustomed to passively accepting a constant sensorial intrusion. And this passive attitude ends up becoming a mental servitude, true slavery. But there is a way to contribute to the protection of humanity, and that is not to give up.

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Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean: Research, Policy and Management for Social Transformations