Closing and opening

Dear participants,

This brief final note is to thank you for your generous participation and commitment with the spirit of this Course. These have been very intensive weeks, full of new ideas, proposals and debates and ever-inspiring controversy and progress.

Furthermore, towards the end of the week we will be sending out a survey to obtain your opinion on various aspects of this course (content, technologies, methodologies), enriching for the future.

We do not want to leave this platform before inviting you to continue tuned in, beyond the course and by other means. You can connect to our MOST Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean through the following networks:


Facebook (private group): MOST América Latina y Caribe

As we have said throughout the course, the cause convening us is a good one and the need to address it is urgent. A call we cannot be indifferent to.

See you soon!

Luis Carrizo

Academic Coordinator

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Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean: Research, Policy and Management for Social Transformations