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Last week, we covered many of the basic concepts of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). This week, we’ll begin to explore how DRR frameworks are defined at an international level and cascaded down through national and organisational levels for implementation.

We’ll do this by examining international agreements aimed at supporting DRR and discover how regional and local policies develop mechanisms to reduce risks.

We’ll also explore the main actors and stakeholders within DRR and examine the impact of their roles throughout the development of national and international DRR policy and practice.

Finally, we’ll see how successful policies for reducing risk must also aim to develop communities sustainably.

This week you will:

  • Discover how global policy has developed to improve disaster risk reduction
  • Assess how global policies are implemented at national and local levels
  • Identify stakeholders and consider their participation in DRR
  • Examine how risk reduction can successfully integrate with sustainable development
  • Carry out your own assessment of how national governments are implementing international initiatives

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Disaster Risk Reduction: An Introduction

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