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Diversity wheel
Johns Hopkins Diversity Wheel from http://web.jhu.edu/dlc/resources/diversity_wheel/

Your diversity

We will now work on our own self-awareness using the diversity wheel. Notice the sixteen types of diversities. Sometimes these differences are easily seen and sometimes they are not. For example, we may recognize an adult from a child but we may not know exactly the age of the person. Some adults look older or younger than their actual age. Some religions have a recognizable type of attire while others do not. We may or may not identify sexual orientation or gender identity. Race may or may not be visible. Education or work experience is usually not evident by sight.

Your assignment in this step is to make a list of your identities using the diversity wheel. The Diversity Wheel from Johns Hopkins Medical Center includes the following types of diversities: age, gender identity or expression, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, mental and physical ability, race and ethnicity, education, political beliefs, family, organization role, language and communication skills, income, religion, appearance, and work experience.

A few of mine are that I am a white, heterosexual, middle class male in my 60’s who has a Ph.D. degree. I am an American whose ancestry came to the United States in the 1600 to 1700’s from England and Ireland. I grew up in a traditional two parent (male and female) blue collar working class family. I have two younger female siblings.

Now please share a few of the types of diversity from the diversity wheel that apply to you with your fellow learners in comments. Next discuss with three to four other learners their types of diversities.

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