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With one of our online fundraising courses, you can build your knowledge about raising funds for charities and businesses.

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Study fundraising online

Fundraising plays an important role in our society. Data from 2019 suggests that around 64% of people in the UK donated to charity. Harnessing this generosity can bring benefits to many people, and there are many skills that go into doing just that.

The process of fundraising can sometimes be challenging, depending on the type of environment you’re operating in. However, gathering voluntary contributions from individuals and businesses is a highly useful skill, used for both charitable organisations and business startups. If you’re looking to improve your knowledge in this area, an online fundraising course is an ideal place to start.

Each of our courses is entirely online, giving you the opportunity to learn whenever and wherever you want. Whether it’s with our free online courses or our ExpertTrack learning subscriptions, you can start building your knowledge today.

Earn a fundraising certificate

Earn personalised fundraising certificates when you complete an online course on FutureLearn, complete with lead educator signatures, organisation logos and course details. Share your achievements with employers, on Linkedin, on your CV and more.

If you’re planning on working in a fundraising capacity, you’ll find that many of our learning opportunities can help you get started. By building the foundations of your knowledge, you’ll be able to learn about the processes that go into raising funds and how the money is distributed.

Whether your interests lay in the strategy, fundraising management, or the research side of things, you’ll be able to learn about many of the fundamentals that apply. You can explore some of the careers in this field, as well as what the job prospects are like.

Discover the fundamentals of fundraising

Here, you’ll find an array of different learning opportunities that cover some of the key areas of fundraising. You’ll learn to identify how and why people want to contribute money to your cause, focusing on some of the emotional and social reasons.

You’ll also find out about some of the fundraising strategies and tools that are used across different organisations, helping you identify the right ones to use in specific situations. In addition to fundraising skills, you can also explore adjacent abilities, such as leadership, adaptability, and organisation.

Develop your skills in charity fundraising

All kinds of non-profit, charity, and community organisations can benefit from fundraising. If you’re hoping to begin or progress your career in this sector, taking an online fundraising course can be a great place to start. You’ll grow your knowledge in the management and strategic planning of charitable events, which will provide you with transferrable and practical skills.

Understanding people and their charitable motivations also plays a central part in fundraising. You can explore what goes into the decision-making process and how this can help you make a strategy that benefits everyone involved in the nonprofit fundraising.

Learn about raising funds for businesses

Another interesting facet of fundraising is the securing of finance for business startups. New ventures often require investment from a variety of sources, so having the abilities to raise funds can be incredibly valuable.

Learn some of the fundraising techniques to identify and engage with potential investors, estimate the funding you’ll need, and discover how to research markets and trends relevant to your industry. These are all skills that can be useful in your professional and personal life.

Your options for studying fundraising

If you’re eager to learn about the subject and gain some fundraising training, we have several options for you to choose from. For example, one of our free short courses gives you the opportunity to study some of the fundamentals of fundraising over two to ten weeks. Alternatively, for a more in-depth view of a particular subject, one of our ExpertTrack subscriptions could be just the thing.


What is fundraising?

The definition of fundraising is the process of raising money by seeking, gathering, and distributing voluntary contributions from individuals and businesses. Fundraising can take many forms, including organising events, applying for funds, and asking for donations.

Why is fundraising important?

Fundraising campaigns bring benefits for all kinds of organisations, charities, and individuals. As well as raising funds for projects, startups, or causes, it’s a way of promoting a message and attaining your goals.

How does fundraising work?

Although there are many different types of fundraising, they generally tend to fall into two categories; donations and trading. Donations are money that is given directly to a charity or organisation. Trading refers to when goods or services are sold to raise money.

How can I be a good fundraiser?

If you want to be a professional fundraiser, there are many skills that can come in useful. As well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills, you’ll also need to be resilient and adaptable. Believing in the cause you’re fundraising for also helps.

What is startup fundraising?

Startup businesses often need a lot of funding to get established. Through a variety of investment rounds, fundraisers will work to secure capital from investors to help expand the business.

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