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Introduction to week two

This week, you will build on last week’s learning and explore alternative approaches to emergencies and disasters.

This will serve to further develop a key theme; that there are different possible ‘understandings’ of emergencies and disasters within the societal context in which they occur. In this case, on the basis of a ‘natural environment based understanding’ or a ‘political, economic, social based understanding’.

We will investigate and interpret ‘technocratic’ and ‘social resilience based’ approaches to intervening into emergencies and disasters. We will go on to consider the implications of these approaches for intervention with the assistance of a case study emergency.

This week you will …

  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of ‘technocratic’ and ‘social resilience’ approaches for intervening into emergencies and disasters

  • Discuss which method for dealing with emergencies and disasters is superior

  • Investigate and interpret approaches to a case study emergency from both a technocratic and social resilience based perspective

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Emergencies and Disasters: Trends and Issues

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