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An Investigation of the 2015 UK Storm Desmond

You have now looked at technocratic and social resilience-based approaches to intervention. To understand the perspectives better you will now investigate a case study of an example of one mega issue, that of flooding.

To do this we will investigate an extremely damaging storm that affected the UK and Ireland in December of 2015.

Please watch the coverage of Storm Desmond over successive days of the event (6-10 December 2015) that was shared on YouTube by Channel 4, a British public-service television broadcaster.

If you are unable to access YouTube, we have provided summaries of each report in the downloads section below.

Your task

Watch the videos highlighted and consider the following questions:

Identify both the natural environment-based and the political, economic and social-based interpretations that are relevant to the flooding at that time.

Was the response primarily technocratic or social resilience-based?

Which aspects of the response would you say were relatively effective, and which would you say were relatively ineffective? Why?

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