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Creative Communication Beyond VR and AR

Discover how to use extended reality to enhance your digital marketing and tell brand-related stories through VR and AR.

  • Duration

    3 weeks
  • Weekly study

    4 hours

Plan and deliver strategic communication using new creative realities

The rapid evolution of technology-enhanced communication can be difficult to navigate and understand.

On this three-week course from Ravensbourne University and Moving Brands, you’ll look at the frameworks that will help define how you might use technologies related to augmented reality and VR to enhance the value and purpose of an organisation or brand.

Learn the potential of a new design reality from leading experts

You’ll learn with the former Executive Creative Director of Google Creative Lab and founder of The Office of Future Interactions, Matt Wade, as he shares his thoughts on the potential of extended reality.

It also features insights and case studies from the research lab of award-winning creative studio, Moving Brands, which will help you to see how agencies are investigating the potential of a new design reality.

Explore the possibilities of XR as a marketing tool

Despite sounding like some futuristic technology, extended reality is already all around us. From augmented reality in Snapchat to real-time play and co-creation in Minecraft, XR is gradually infiltrating the world.

Throughout this course, you’ll learn some of the principles of extended realities and how you can use them as a marketing tool. You’ll also explore the potential of new creative technologies and the ways they can impact products, services, and marketing.

Delve into the metaverse and the future of XR technology in marketing

Marketing principles and best practices are constantly changing and growing, especially with the evolution of technology. And with the development of AR, VR, and even the metaverse, it’s poised to be completely revolutionised.

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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds The strategy, the think, and all of those things were where the real value lay within the future of design and branding.

Skip to 0 minutes and 22 seconds Consistency is important, but consistency is kind of quite rigid. The clients were going, ah, interesting. We should be thinking about these things. It’s about teasing it out from the client. Our approach at Wilderness is to think like a fan. I think it’s important that you’re always experimenting; you’re always trying new things. You can pull the data together you want. It’s then about telling the story from it. This term influencer is actually now kind of a bit of a buzz word. It’s not just a case of saying, come and buy my stuff. It’s how are you going to make them care? What are you offering them in return?

Skip to 0 minutes and 56 seconds If your brand is about helping them communicate or struggling with an audience. Because the thing with social is that is it immediate. You know if something’s worked or it hasn’t. The algorithm purely picks up on what your audience are responding to. When brands can kind of see that community is very active and engaged, brands will then work with creators that obviously gives brand exposure.

Skip to 1 minute and 21 seconds Everything you see in VR is artificially created, so it’s an illusions. I think a virtual reality often is about being transported to somewhere else.

Skip to 1 minute and 31 seconds There will be a place which will be a world of connected experiences that will have dynamic situations. Fact is definitely following fiction.


  • Week 1

    XR NOW!

    • Welcome!

      Welcome to the final course in this ExpertTrack. We are now going to apply principles from the last three courses to a new design reality!

    • Week 01.

      The first week is about looking at where we are now and examining what this tells us about the future.

    • Extended Reality… what?

      What even is XR? Let’s define and understand some of the key terminologies related to Extended Reality

    • XR is all around you!

      These technologies might seem very futuristic, but they are evolving all around us and the extended realities that we are experiencing now point to how we might experience them in the future.

    • Conclusions

      Let's round up this week and analyse what we've learnt.

  • Week 2

    XR and MB Lab

    • Introduction to week 02

      This week we will look at how a leading contemporary studio like MB Lab is exploring the possibilities of XR.

    • Meet MB Lab

      One of our partners for this course is MB Lab, and they will help us identify some of the key principles that underpin the creation of engaging experiences using Extended Reality.

    • MB Lab. Principles in practice

      Let's look at some of the projects that Guy & Toby have worked on to help us understand the creative principles that they use in more detail.

    • Conclusion.

      Time to round up the week and think about what we've learnt.

  • Week 3

    XR and the Metaverse

    • Introduction to Week 03

      This week we will look at the new world that is currently being built to take advantage of Extended Reality. If you haven’t heard of it already, you soon will. It's called the Metaverse.

    • Welcome to the Metaverse!

      What even is the Metaverse? How is it more than a series of disconnected computer generated experiences?

    • Origins of the Metaverse

      The Metaverse is being shaped to a large extent by a series of fictional visions. Probably the most influential of these fictions comes from Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

    • Visions of the Metaverse?

      Let’s look at some other influential propositions for what the Metaverse will look like.

    • Designing for the Metaverse

      In this section we examine how we might approach designing for the Metaverse, with a little help from Matt Wade former ECD at Google Creative Lab.

    • Conclusions

      Time to round up and think about what we've learnt.

Learning on this course

On every step of the course you can meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Discuss the principles that underpin successful engagement within the new media landscape.
  • Apply strategic planning to inform the creative use of branding, social media and interaction design.
  • Sythesise industry standard thinking frameworks to develop relevant concepts and ideas.
  • Investigate how new design realities are informing the evolution of the new media landscape.
  • Explore industry standard methodologies for the creative use of branding, social media and interactive design.
  • Model informed strategic decision making based on industry insight.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone looking to improve their digital marketing skills, especially how to use extended, augmented, and virtual reality in marketing.

Who will you learn with?

An educator and design writer. The author of ‘Communication Design, Insights from the Creative Industries’, published by Bloomsbury. Initiator of collaborations with the likes of Apple, Sky & Barclays

Matt Wade is a designer, fascinated by the connections, relationships and forces that influence emergent behaviors and future interactions.

In 2021 he founded the Office of Future Interactions.

Who developed the course?

Ravensbourne University London

Champions of creativity and collaboration, Ravensbourne is the definitive destination for study in digital media and design courses. Situated in the heart of London, Ravensbourne is a top-ranking university for graduate salaries in art and design.

Moving Brands

Moving Brands are a multi award winning design business who have been at the forefront of innovation in brand communication for over twenty years. They have offices in London, San Francisco, New York and Zurich and a client list includes Google, Hewlett Packard, the BBC, You Tube, Facebook & Netflix. They are experts in brand strategy & design, digital product development & design for new realities.

The Office of Future Interactions

The Office of Future Interactions is an international design studio working with the world’s most ambitious organisations to define how people interact with and adapt to the world as it changes around them.

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