What kind of information do decision-makers want? And what for?

In this conversation with Miguel Fernández-Galeano – in his dual role as scientist and politician – we discuss the relationship between scientific knowledge and decision-making in politics, from the standpoint of the need to rely on well-grounded and rigorous information in the construction of public policies.

Miguel Fernández-Galeano is a medical doctor, former WHO consultant, Director of Health in the Montevideo Municipal Government and subsequently Uruguay’s Vice-Minister of Public Health. Based on his experience, he talks of the need for managers to rely on clear evidence when establishing priorities and conceiving policies.

Fernández-Galeano reminds us that useful, relevant, rigorous and timely social research is a key to building policies and to “make things happen.”

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Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean: Research, Policy and Management for Social Transformations