Case 1 and Medical Peace Work

Week 1 wrap up

We hope that the story of the crisis at the district hospital has helped you understand the principles of medical peace work.

You should now be able to:

  1. Identify challenges faced by health workers during violent conflict, including the need to maintain impartiality and the tension between medical ethics and security priorities.
  2. Advocate for International Humanitarian Law.
  3. Apply the seven steps of the Do No Harm framework to a conflict situation.

If you have any lingering questions or doubts, please post them here, where your instructors - and fellow learners - can discuss them.

Next week we move to a story of a different manifestation of violence, as we try to understand how to Do No Harm in the event of a nuclear explosion.

Next week you will also have an opportunity to meet your instructors via a webinar and discuss the two cases in person!

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