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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds Welcome back. Last week we talked about research process, including identifying a meaningful research topic, writing up literature review and choosing appropriate research data collection methods. We also heard from researchers at Coventry University about their research and the methods they have used. We also asked you about the challenges you have encountered before in doing research and you had an opportunity to discuss these with your peers. This week we are going to learn the skills of writing up a literature review and generating critical debates. To help you explore information related to your research topic we introduce several useful databases and search engines. We will also like to share with you some useful articles.

Welcome back

Welcome to the second week of this course on Research Perspectives and Practice.

Last week you heard from three academics about their approaches to research. This week we will look in further depth in how to review and analyse academic literature. At the end of this course you will be given an opportunity to carry out your own critical review of a piece of literature to share with your fellow learners.

This week you will…

  • Identify the importance of a thorough literature review

  • Explore further methods for discovering research materials

  • Discover how to critically assess academic literature

Your task

To begin this week, why do you think a thorough literature review is beneficial to your research process?

Share your ideas with the learning community.

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