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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds Well, one of the big stories of this election in Wales is clearly UKIP. We wondered before the night whether UKIP would really be able to deliver the sort of support levels that the polls have been showing, whether they would be able to deliver the sort of seat numbers in the Assembly that those polls had been implying, and they have. Both the previous two Assembly elections UKIP had talked up their chances and failed to deliver on the day. But this time, they really did deliver. And this follows on last year’s general election, the 2014 European election, showing that UKIP are now firmly established as a serious electoral force in Wales.

Skip to 0 minutes and 43 seconds The challenge, I suppose, this result poses for them is that they are now going to have several members of the Assembly. Some of those members have already publicly squabbled on certain matters. And UKIP is a party which already has quite a history of internal strife and divisions. But those are maybe problems for another day. For today, UKIP members will clearly be celebrating what is a major electoral advance for them in Wales.

Election Review - UKIP in Wales

Roger Scully reviews the election performance of UKIP in Wales.

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Scotland and Wales Vote 2016: Understanding the Devolved Elections

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