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The Global Slavery Index

The Global Slavery Index estimates the number of people in modern slavery in countries around the world, together with information about the steps each government has taken to respond.

It allows an objective comparison and assessment of both the problem and the adequacy of response in 167 countries. Kevin Bales, one of this course’s educators, is the lead author on the Global Slavery Index. Now in its third edition, it estimates there are 45.8 million slaves alive today. As the most robust metric available, the Index’s global reach in bolstering public awareness and support for policy and enforcement was evident in the awareness figures from the June 2016 launch of the third edition: over 2000 traditional media articles, 250 million Twitter impressions, and more than 255,000 website viewings within a week of its release.

Explore the 2016 Global Slavery Index, then please note down any findings that you find particularly surprising, in the comments section below. Are you surprised by which countries ranked high on the list for numbers of slaves? What do you make of the differences in ranked countries, for absolute numbers vs proportion of the population?

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