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A Leader With Sense: Finding Your Leadership Style using Savoir-Relier

Discover the Savoir-Relier leadership training method to develop your relational competence and become a more effective leader.

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Follow in the footsteps of successful teams and leaders at Apple and L’Oréal

This leadership training ExpertTrack offers you the chance to study leadership styles alongside top author and HEC Paris Professor, Valérie Gauthier.

Using the tried and tested Savoir-Relier methodology, you’ll develop your own individual leadership style whilst building essential skills in collaborative leadership and relationship-building.

Whether you want to prepare for facing challenges as a leader or you want to learn the value of collaboration in leadership, this ExpertTrack will help you improve your ability to respond to leadership challenges and complex situations at work.

Build lasting relationships based on trust in current and new teams

In todays’ world, a top-down leadership approach is no longer viable. This ExpertTrack teaches you a new leadership approach based on relational competence, where effective communication and relationships with others are key to strong performance.

Over 16 weeks, you’ll explore:

  • self-awareness and self-confidence
  • leadership styles
  • team dynamics
  • relational intelligence
  • complex relationships
  • finding a sense of purpose.

Practice self-development to grow as a leader

During the first sections of the course, you’ll get to know yourself and your own leadership style better.

Under the guidance of Professor Gauthier herself, you’ll have the chance to deepen your understanding of yourself and improve your interaction with others.

You’ll also work on your relational skills, and learn how to build trust amongst your team in order to create a more collaborative environment that breeds innovation.

Discover the benefits of relational leadership to enhance collaboration

Savoir-Relier enables leaders to build trust and generate inclusion and diversity at work.

You’ll explore in-depth how working as a team is essential in fast-paced working environments and leads to increased business innovation and success.

You’ll learn how to build trust and improve team dynamics, as well as how to engage and motivate your team to get results.

Build self-confidence, collective resilience, and a shared sense of purpose

Tensions within a team quickly become obvious and affect everyone. In order to cope with such challenges as a leader, it’s vital to have self-awareness, resilience, and confidence.

You’ll develop these competencies with the Savoir-Relier’s step by step process, so that you can increase your capacity to cope with crises.

As you discover how to lead more confidently and compassionately, you’ll learn how to foster resilience in your team and build a shared purpose.

So far, 110,000 leaders around the world have learned and reaped the benefits of the Savoir-Relier method. With a 97% satisfaction rate among learners, the Savoir-Relier protocol is based on more than 25 years of research and practice.

Its positive impact on individuals and teams can be seen in a wide range of industry-leading companies, including Apple, L’Oréal, LVMH, Sanofi, and Pernod Ricard.

Delivering the course is Savoir-Relier creator and author of leadership training book, Leading with Sense, Professor Valérie Gauthier.

Gauthier holds a BS in Psychology, Masters in Modern Literature and English, a PhD in Comparative Literature and Stanford’s Graduate Business School’s Executive Program (EPSO).

Drawing from her expertise in linguistics and poetic translation as well as leadership and cross-cultural relationships, she has built multiple relational communication and leadership development programs in universities and organisations (including NYU Stern and MIT Sloan) under the concept of Savoir-Relier.

Elected best HEC Paris Professor of the year, she has received the HEC Vernimmen award, and in 2010 was decorated with the Knight of the French National Order of the Legion of Honor and selected as Visionary by the Fortune Global Visionaries Forum.

Key skills you will learn

  • Leadership
  • Relationship building
  • Collaboration
  • Self awareness
  • Self confidence
  • Resilience

Experience required

Though this ExpertTrack is aimed at current or aspiring leaders and learners, it is open to everyone, with no specific prior leadership experience required.

The path and knowledge you’ll be building through the courses draws from your personal needs and experience as a leader.

All that is recommended is that learners join with curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to craft their own leadership style.

Some of the courses require group interactions. For this a safe and secure external tool is provided free of charge for every learner, which is accessible by smartphone or computer.

Getting started

Struggling to find your leadership style? Join this ExpertTrack and get in touch with the natural leader that lives in you.

If you find traditional leadership models and training aren’t suited to your leadership challenges, or you want to become a more empowering, collaborative and empathetic leader, then this ExpertTrack is for you.

You’ll have the chance to learn alongside the creator of the Savoir-Relier leadership methodology, and build practical leadership skills that you can start using straight away.

ExpertTrack course overview

  • Course 1

    Increase your self-awareness as a leader and learn how to use and apply the leadership development method, the Savoir-Relier.

    1 test

    4 weeks

    2 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Beginning of your Journey to Self-Awareness
      • Course Introduction
      • The more I know, the more I don't know
    • Week 2

      The Power of Writing and Self-Reflection
      • Looking at yourself with sincerity
    • Week 3

      SOLO Part 1 - the Transformative Self-Awareness Exercise
      • Kickstart your SOLO
    • Week 4

      SOLO Part 2 - the Transformative Self-Awareness Exercise
      • Completing your first SOLO
      • Course wrap-up
  • Course 2

    Use the Savoir-Relier method to build your self-confidence and learn techniques to foster positive interpersonal relationships.

    1 test

    4 weeks

    2 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Premises of Genuine Dialogue
      • Course Introduction
      • Opening up to others
    • Week 2

      The Key to Effective Communication
      • Getting down your ladder
    • Week 3

      Your First DUO
      • Just DUO it!
    • Week 4

      The Characteristics of a Leader
      • The Leap of Trust
      • Course wrap-up
  • Course 3

    Build the knowledge, tools, mindset, and skills to lead trusting, resilient, and collaborative teams.

    1 test

    4 weeks

    2 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Building a cohesive team
      • Course Introduction
      • Harvesting collective intelligence
    • Week 2

      Understanding and developing resilience
      • Discovering your Black Swans
    • Week 3

      Building resilience
      • The ins and outs of resilience
    • Week 4

      Uncovering resilience mechanisms
      • Situations and qualities of Resilience
      • Course wrap-up
  • Course 4

    Discover how identifying a sense of purpose helps to achieve a healthier work-life balance for all.

    1 test

    4 weeks

    2 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Give or make sense
      • Course Introduction
      • Definitions of Sense
    • Week 2

      Unlocking complex challenges
      • One for all! All for one
    • Week 3

      Sense of Purpose Part 1: Exploration
      • It makes sense!
    • Week 4

      Sense of Purpose Part 2: Projection
      • Meaningful changes
      • Course wrap-up

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