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Final message from your educator

Final message from educator
Hello and congratulations on finishing this course on Strategic Marketing, Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning by the University of Law Business School. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. We’ve been through a lot these past three weeks. Firstly, we covered segmentation, why is it necessary and how to perform it successfully. Then we looked at targeting, which involved evaluating and choosing the right segment before deciding on the appropriate marketing strategy. Finally, we looked at positioning. What companies should do to position their products and brands in the minds of the customers for best outcomes. If you would like to find out more about segmentation, targeting, and positioning, please do use the links provided in this course for additional research.
I would also encourage you to do other marketing courses on FutureLearn so that you can understand what studying business and marketing at degree level feels like. Finally, feel free to visit the University of Law Business School website or join us on one of the open days to find out more about the courses that we offer. Thank you again for engaging with this course. I wish you luck in your journey into the world of marketing. Goodbye.

Thank you all for engaging with the materials of this course.

If the this course has peaked your interest in the general field of marketing, you may also consider exploring the topics of “Market Research” and “Consumer Behaviour” which are prerequisites for successful segmentation. Another topic that marketers must be familiar with is the skill of preparing marketing plans which is covered in “Strategic Marketing” courses.

And finally, please do feel free to have a look at The University of Law’s website or book onto an open day to find out more about the courses we offer! If you’re interested in studying with us you can [register your interest] (/courses/3-pillars-of-successful-marketing-segmentation-targeting-and-positioning/1/further-learning).

I wish you luck in the world of marketing!

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Strategic Marketing: Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

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