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How to find your beauty brand purpose

Business is no longer just the selling of a product, so the purpose of every business must be built into its DNA from the very beginning.
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Business is no longer just the selling of a product, so the purpose of every business must be built into its DNA from the very beginning. It should clearly be stated, not just in the content you develop, but reflected in all business areas including marketing, staffing, and partnerships.

You must build an intelligent beauty product and brand, on an understanding of what really matters to the consumer. Cultural nuances, sustainability, and diversity, which go beyond ethnicity, are no longer a passing trend in beauty. They should be foundational parts of your brand vision and purpose.

Brand Purpose

Not all ideas have to be conceived from scratch. Many ideas are born out of necessity or lack of trust or lack of efficiency for products on the market. The best ideas in the modern beauty market are not mere products; they are solutions. This is why the question of brand purpose is so fundamental.

Purposeful ideas can include solutions such as new delivery systems, new ingredients, new technology, or a new category of business that did not exist before in the beauty industry. A perfect example of this would be a segment of the beauty industry called indie beauty, which emerged to cater to underserved market segments that big beauty brands considered too small to target with specific product lines.

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Another recent example is in natural hair care products. This is an example of products being developed out of need and a large segment of the hair care market not being served.

The use of technology in beauty has not only helped improve product quality and performance but has also improved the customer experience with that product. Digital try-on tools have been used in skin analysis in makeup to empower the consumer to make better choices in their beauty decisions.

These brands and products’ missions are clearly defined and represented in their business models. Seeking inspiration to get you started? Get some from Huda Kattan


© Desiree Reid
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