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Applying the IT portfolio

Pic Nic Pak's point of difference.
Pic Nic Pak is located in a street with three other cafes. There is fierce competition amongst them for business. The application vendor, Host POS Helper, is aware of the other cafes in the street, and has sold the IT solution to these businesses as well. Each cafe uses the IT solution to automate sections of their business in the same way, but there is a difference when it comes to noticeable outcomes. Pic Nic Pak is always busy. There is a steady stream of customers. The turnover of customers is better at Pic Nic Pak than at the other cafes, and the takeaway section of the business seems to be running more efficiently as well.
The other cafes have noticed that Pic Nic Pak’s customer base seems to be more loyal, too. Staff appear to come to work with better attitudes and leave with smiles on their faces. The other cafe owners have no idea what Pic Nic Pak’s secret is, but wish they knew.

Pic Nic Pak’s point of difference.

The animation shows a salesman selling the same system to a number of neighbouring restaurants. Each cafe uses the IT solution to automate sections of its business in the same way as Pic Nic Pak but there is a difference when it comes to noticeable outcomes.

Your task

After watching the Pic Nic Pak video, reflect on the returns they made. Discuss why you think Pic Nic Pak is doing better than its competitors. Does Pic Nic Pak have the competitive advantage and why?

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