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Developing new skills sets

What challenges are there for the future?
JIM BERGMAN: Yeah. I think the professional has to ask themselves, “Are we doing the right things the right way with the right people?” And obviously, with the right people, it’s not necessarily the specific individuals but the skills, the competencies that they’ve developed. And with those competencies, there’s a new breed of competency that we’re looking at. We’re looking at more effective communication strategies and tactics, being able to be somewhat more effective communicators. Communication strategists. We’re looking at how can we, as a profession, be more effective in change management? Not only changing the document but also effectuating a change from an individual stakeholder or someone on the team who says, “No. I can’t do that.
We shouldn’t do it,” to someone who says, “Yes, we can.” And so making that somewhat of a, oh, change in attitude, if you will, on a sustained basis– not just a fleeting momentary one– is an important aspect.

We interviewed Jim Bergman, CEO of Commercial Officers’ Group, about what he thinks the challenges are for professionals in developing new skill sets and competencies.

He starts this video by saying:

‘I think the professional has to ask themselves, are we doing the right things the right way with the right people?’

Please your comments on his ideas in the comments area.

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