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Characteristics of Unique Value Propositions

What are the key characteristics of Unique Value Propositions? Watch this video to find out.
Developing your unique value proposition. Now, customers are inundated with information. In fact, they have very short attention span. So you need your unique value proposition to grab them, to shake them, to get them out of their seats and really compel them. In fact, that’s the point of a unique value proposition is what’s compelling about your product or service, that’s what you’re communicating. It’s also the why, the why behind the wants and needs, Why do they want your product? Why do they need your product? That’s the question that you’re answering. If you can answer that question, you’re in really good shape. Next you want them to understand what value you’re delivering which is really important.
Also has to be relevant to them. It has to make sense. It has to resonate with them, which is really important, right? Now, I always like to talk in terms of benefits and if we can talk in terms of benefits, it’s much stronger than talking in terms of features. Entrepreneurs love to talk about all the features they have, but really the unique value proposition is expressed in terms of what benefit you’re delivering to the customer. If you can get that you can marry it to a feature, you talk about the benefit and then you can marry it to a feature or what special or unique about you, but that’s really what’s going to grab them.
Also, unique value propositions, If you can make them emotional, you can connect to their emotions, If you can talk to their value systems or their belief systems, it becomes much more powerful and that is really important. So the more unique the better. One of the things that I think is important is that I want you to focus a little bit more on the value proposition, meaning the strength of the value proposition, and then we can add the uniqueness, because that’s secondary to having a very strong value proposition, and then finally tell our story and it’s very important that you bring together the different value propositions that you come up with the different points that you come up with, to weave it into a story, the more you can weave it into a story the stronger that it’s going to be.
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