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In this step, learners reflect on what they have learned during the second week of the course, and the course as a whole.
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You’ve almost completed Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed exploring social media marketing campaigns, and how strategies are transformed into effective content for the chosen target audience(s). You have thought about goal setting, audience definition and targeting. You’ve also looked at the strengths and drawbacks of major social media platforms, and considered how different channels can help to achieve different objectives.

In addition, you’ve explored different ways of reaching and being found by audiences on social platforms. You have seen how to plan and schedule social media activity effectively, as well as the importance of measurement and analytics.

Using three business case studies, you have applied your insight and learning throughout the course to thinking about their particular challenges and opportunities. Industry professionals talked about how they structure their social media marketing campaigns and respond to the challenge of creating content that will resonate with their intended target audience.

Finally, you’ve investigated how to understand a brief and structure a content plan, and started to put this work into practice.

If you have marked as complete over 90% of the course steps, you can check your understanding by taking part in the end of course test. You’ll find this in the next step. By achieving a mark of 70% or more you will earn a Certificate of Achievement. You can share this with your friends and family to show them what you’ve learned. You can also share it on social media, such as LinkedIn, as a way of showing employers and colleagues your new skills and knowledge.

Remember that if you complete all three courses within the Creating Digital Content program, you unlock a FutureLearn Award. This is your own FutureLearn web page exhibiting all of your certificates. You can use this link to demonstrate your learning on any online profile or to send to employers.

Taking your learning further

Being aware of social media campaigns in progress and gathering examples of content that works, and content that doesn’t, can help you grow your understanding of this craft.

Beyond that, keep practising so that you can refine your skills. Experiment with different types or styles of content and explore the in-platform analytics to see how your content performed. You can also find and follow businesses and individuals which are influential in an industry you’re interested in. This will help you to observe how they structure content over time and across platforms.

Over the past decade and a half, social media has become a powerful force for individuals, businesses, politicians and institutions alike, and it continues to evolve with usage and time. By keeping up-to-date with new product developments, community customs and best practice, you will ensure that your skills in this area remain relevant for the next decade – and beyond.

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Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign

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