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A Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone should pursue a healthy lifestyle So how do we promote a healthy lifestyle? There are three things we can do in everyday life. The first is to sustain oneself with essential nutrients. It is easy to gain food but difficult to gain healthy diet. The second is maintenance. Arrange health examination and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finally, do not forget mental health. Keep these three features in your life. If we losing the balance of these three features, we might face the risk of jeopardizing our health. Let’s take a look at it.
Imbalanced diet for modern people is not that we do not get enough food and nutrients Imbalanced diet is that our diet can not meet the essential nutrition requirement. For example, the habit of eating too much poultry every day can cause excessive animal protein and fat intake Also, in Asian culture, those who prefer to consume excessive animal giblets and seafood will have high cholesterol If one keeps this kind of eating habit for decades, one will have a higher risk to cancers and cardiovascular diseases. According to pathology research Too much intake of saturated fats is significantly associated with breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Regardless of the type of cancer, they are all shocking.
Unfortunately, for people in Taiwan, cancer is the top one causes of death in the past three years, Cancer can be caused by many factors, but undeniably, it is closely related with imbalance diet. The second cause of death is heart disease. The third is stroke. Cardio disease such as myocardial infarction is especially common So, we need to be aware of. Let’s take a look at the arterial system. arteries system supply our heart oxygen and nutrients Our coronary arteries, if myocardial infarction occurred, it will definitely affect the delivery of blood, oxygen and nutrients. further cause myocardial necrosis. Myocardial necrosis shows some diseases related to myocardial infarction. Please look at this picture.
Half of the blood vessels are blocked, hence, the circulation of the blood will be affected. Heart is the crucial organ, which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. If the blood vessel being blocked, heart rate will raise in order to maintain the blood volume needed for circulation. As a result, burdening heart and one’s body will have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Let’s talk about insufficient fiber diet in the modern diet. In Asia culture, white rise is a common main source of calories. Lacking of fiber and cellulose source Tofu and legume products that people believe are good to health but still they are low fiber food.
Lack of vegetable is the main reason we do not get enough fiber. Concentrate juice is also not the right choice for fiber. The meat, fish, egg and milk that we know are fiber free. Diet with insufficient fiber can cause problems on intestinal or constipation People tend to underestimate the dangers of constipation. Constipation can lead to serious intestinal disease including diverticulitis and colorectal cancer…etc. Please look at this picture. You can see the upper diagram, low-fiber diet might cause this person constipation or diverticulitis Moreover, frequent constipation will generate harmful substances including carcinogen; If one consume high-fiber foods, you can see the lower part of the diagram Fiber helps regulate bowel movements; The occurrence of constipation and diverticulitis will be reduced.
regulate bowel movements also avoid the increasing amount of toxic substance and if these toxic substances stay in intestine for too long, one’s body will absorb these toxic and thus affect our health through circulation. That’s why high fiber diet is imoportant.

Prof. Hsieh will introduce a 3-feature health promotion method. These 3 features include Nutritients, Body Maintenance, and Mental health. If one can keep balance on these three aspects, we can define this lifestyle as “Healthy.” However, keeping balance is not an easy task.

Prof. Hsieh will explain what will happen in imbalanced nutrients first. For example, high cholesterol food can cause cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Low fiber food is a common problem for citizens in Taiwan. He also mentioned the disease caused by constipation and also emphasized the importance of a high fiber diet.

Diet habits can be different from country to country. What is the common problem that you heard from your nation? How do you think about this 3-feature health promotion method? If you are willing to comment, do share it with us.

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