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Develop your understanding of nutrition or become a more successful nutritionist with these flexible online nutrition courses.

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Our online microcredentials are designed to upskill you for work in rapidly-growing industries, without the time and cost commitment of a full degree. They can be used as an independent certification, and some even offer academic credit to use towards a degree. Each microcredential also includes a formal online assessment.

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Nutrition is the science of eating well. It’s a subject that covers aspects of biology, chemistry and even mental health.

Having a basic understanding of how healthy eating impacts our lives is important. That’s why a nutrition course can be so beneficial to both healthcare professionals and the general public.

Whether you’re totally new to the subject or already have some experience, you can find a learning opportunity suited to your level of understanding.

Why study an online nutrition course?

The food we eat has a significant influence on our lives. The nutrients we consume contribute to growth, reproduction, health, and disease.

Nutrition is the study of this relationship between food and biological processes. So, if you’re curious about whether you are what you eat, an online nutrition course could be the right choice for you.

For those who already have an understanding of the basics of nutrition, a more detailed course or program might be more suitable. For example, you can learn about using food as medicine in healthcare practice.

By studying the course online, you can also pick your own work hours. Many courses require just a few hours of study each week, and you can plan these around your existing commitments.

Choosing the right nutrition course

Beginners and experienced nutritionists will find a range of courses available to them. An introduction to nutrition is a good place to start if you’re looking to get a handle on the fundamentals of the subject.

You’ll learn some of the basics of nutrition for staying healthy, as well as some of the problems a poor diet causes. More experienced learners or professionals might consider learning about food and our genome.

This course looks at how food and genetics are related, and how this knowledge can help patients. If you’re looking to learn about specific foods, our superfoods course is a fascinating look at the biological and social aspects of superfoods.

Gaining qualifications in nutrition

As well as our short courses (which usually take a few weeks to complete), you’ll find other health and nutrition training. We also offer programs, collection of courses, which take longer and contain assessments.

You can even find accredited online nutrition programs. These provide an academic credential from a top international university.

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