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Increase the Secretion of Breast Milk

Next, how can we increase the secretion of milk? A reminded to mothers that breastfeeding should be started as early as possible. Just like we talked about earlier that the mother can choose a baby-friendly hospital with breastfeeding at the golden hour(immediately after birth.) If there is no such a hospital in your local area, or it is not convenient, try to communicate with your doctor to see if it’s possible to start breastfeeding early. So, start breastfeeding earlier.
Only through the stimulation from the baby’s sucking, the mother’s body will start producing breast milk as soon as possible Meanwhile, mothers should also try not to limit the frequency of feeding time As we mentioned earlier the number of feeding time every day is around 10-12 times It means in average baby feeding could be given every two hours. Without limiting the number of breastfeeding, the mother’s body will be able to receive the signal from the baby and the mother’s body will know how long breastfeeding should be every time, and how much volume of milk should be produced. Moreover, mothers should have confidence and be relaxed.
People around the mother should help and try to reduce the mother’s other work as much as possible. When the baby is sleeping, the mother should be relaxed and try to have some rest in order to encourage the secretion of breast milk. And family members should also support and help the mother. How family members and nanny could provide any assist or help in mothers breastfeeding? As we did mentioned earlier that the mother could breastfeed 10-12 times per day.
It is actually a hard work for the mothers to breastfeed in every 2 hours So the support from the family members is very important at this moment because the breastfeeding is not only good for the health of the baby but it also benefits the mother’s health. At this moment, the family around should give the mother a lot of assistance. First, the family can help with housework so that the mother can concentrate on taking care of the baby. During the period of breastfeeding, family can try their best to share the housework and other chores. By doing so, it will also provide the mother more time to get the rest.
A common situation is that the baby’s caregiver, Whether she is the mother-in-law, a senior in the family, or nanny, often feel hard to take care of the baby in breastfeeding status because they did not have the experience before. Comparing to the baby formula, breast milk requires to be warmed up and they tend to feel the baby in the breastfeeding status more close to the mother and is not easy to take care of. In fact, babies who is not easy to take care of don’t mean it causes a lot of problems. The baby in the breastfeeding status normally is in a very low possibility to be ill.
For those mothers who want to go back to work, some might have many concerns. I would like to remind again here that the best way to get baby in the breastfeeding status be used to the feeding bottle is to let someone else feed the baby. Because babies are quite smart and they know that mothers have breasts and they won’t accept the feeding bottle easily if the mother try to feed them with the bottle. For allowing babies to distinguish the feeding bottle, we usually suggest other caregivers to put the breast milk into the feeding bottle for babies to get used to it.

So how can mothers increase their secretion of breast milk? Here are some tips for them. Breastfeeding should be started as early as possible. Breast milk production is affected by the stimulation of the baby’s sucking. If the mother can breastfeeding at golden hour shortly after childbirth is the better.

Also, the frequency of breastfeed is 10-12 times per day. It is actually hard work for the mothers to breastfeed every 2 hours. Thus, family support for the mother is also important. Stress can affect breastfeeding in two ways: milk supply and the contents. So mothers start breastfeeding early at the beginning and are prepared even after leaving the hospital is important.

Prof. Chen mentioned in this video, the caregiver to the babies might be mother-in-law. In your nation’s culture, who is the possible caregivers can give great support for mothers? If you are comfortable to share, let us know what you think! Please remember to avoid sensitive topics and we would recommend not oversharing in your post!

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