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Making the most of your learning on this course

How can you make the most of your learning on this course? Engaging with case studies, discussions and reflective practice.
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It’s important to us that your learning experience on this course is a positive one. What follows is a range of ways in which you can make the most of your learning and the inclusive community that we’re excited for you to be a part of over the next four weeks.

Engaging with case studies

Throughout the course, we feature a range of case studies from a variety of schools and contexts. These show some of the ways in which a school can approach the strategy and professional development that supports effective use of education technologies.

Every school is individual and different approaches to the use of education technologies will be necessary. As you engage with each case study and the various guidance on this course, continue to return to your context, the challenges and opportunities present within it and identify the areas that seem to hold promise to explore with your team back in school. We will encourage you to share your experiences with digital learning, reflecting on how the new learning here can be applied to the unique circumstances of purely online and blended learning classrooms as a result of recent events.

Exchanging practice

We’re keen to make the most of the expertise of colleagues completing this course. We’d like, at the end of the next four weeks, to have built an inclusive community, who will be keen to continue connecting with one another beyond the life of the course.

Each week, we’ll provide opportunities for personal reflection as well as exchange of practice. Discussion spaces will encourage you to share your experiences and expertise as well as your new learning. We’d like you to share not only your successes and moments of revelation but also your areas of challenge. In replies to one another’s posts, we recommend sharing words of positive encouragement and links, ideas and questions that might extend a colleague’s learning or open up new perspectives.

In a discussion space:

  • Answer questions honestly to build trust with your peers
  • Add in questions of your own to generate responses from your peers
  • Respond to peers with positive encouragement AND suggestions for further learning

Whilst your Educators will be unable to join you, we’re hopeful that a community of educators will emerge during this course who explore the practice of colleagues, and share their varied experience, expertise, and practice with one another.

When you are ready, click the ‘Mark as complete’ button below and then select ‘Reflect on your practice’ to go to the next step where you’ll reflect on your current technology practice.
© Chartered College of Teaching
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