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Establishing your vision

Ahead of continuing your learning next week, what questions could you ask of colleagues, pupils and parents to inform your strategy?
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In designing your education technology strategy, gaining the trust and incorporating the views of your stakeholders will be vital.

What follows are some possible questions to ask your various stakeholders. The suitability of these questions will be dependent on your context and also what you’d like to find out about.

Please add questions of your own in the comments below.


  • How does your child engage with learning at home?
  • What aspects of learning does your child love / struggle with?
  • What aspects of learning do you enjoy /struggle to work with your child on?
  • How could the school better support you with these aspects?
  • What would your concerns be about greater technology use for learning?
  • How would you describe communication at the school?


  • How do you engage with learning at home?
  • What aspects of learning do you love / struggle with?
  • How would you like to use technology for your learning?


  • What tasks most commonly take you away from the core business of working with pupils?
  • What are the most frustrating parts of your daily work?
  • What areas of your work do you feel could be made more efficient or effective?
  • Where do you spend most of your time?
  • How would you like to use education technologies?

These questions could be asked in small focus groups, via an online form, or through your usual communication channels. Communicating your vision for technology throughout the implementation of your strategy will be important and returning to collect further stakeholder voice as your strategy develops should be built into your plan.

Once you’ve shared your own questions with other course participants, click the ‘Mark as complete’ button below and then select ‘Case Study 1’ to explore the first example of education technology strategy implementation.
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