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Week 4 introduction

Welcome to Week 4 of the course! What's coming up this week?
Welcome back to module four of the course, I’m Hannah, your host. In this final week of the course we’ll review our learning so far and put it into action by beginning to write and share our strategy with other course participants. Before we do this, we’ll consider the wider implications of a technology strategy, including how we might be able to evaluate its impact. One of the wider areas to give consideration to is workloads, which risks being increased without adequate planning and reflection. As we reach the end of this course, it’s really important that we take some time to consider where our journey started, what we’ve learned along the way and where we’d like to go next.
At the end of this week’s activities, you’ll be invited to reflect, exchange goals, share advice and connect with fellow course participants. You’ll be offered a variety of ways in which you can choose to continue your learning with the Chartered College of Teaching and we hope that you’ll choose to join us so that our community of learning can continue to support one another in our evidence-informed CPD-supported use of education technologies. We’ve loved working with you over the last few weeks and I’m really looking forward to our last week of the course together, as well as the learning opportunities that lie ahead.
Welcome to Week 4 of the course: Leadership of education technologies in schools

This week, we focus on the final stages of designing your strategy for education technologies. In this week’s introductory video, hear an overview from your course educator, Hannah Tyreman, about this week’s learning content, where we will address the following questions:

  • How can an effective strategy reduce workload and increase data efficiencies?
  • How might an education technologies strategy support parental engagement and making learning accessible for all?
  • What are your next steps to designing or reviewing your school’s strategy?
When you are ready, click the ‘Mark as complete’ button below and then select ‘Q&A’ to view a webinar recording with an expert panel.
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Leadership of Education Technology in Schools

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