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Thank you

Thank you to everyone involved in creating our course.
© Chartered College of Teaching

We’d like to end this course with an enormous thank you to the many educators who made this course possible.

Our contributors Cat Scutt, Katy Chedzey, Dominic Norrish, Department for Education, Jonathan Sharples at the Education Endowment Foundation, Emma Darcy from Chiltern Learning Trust, Donna Neeley-Hayes at Denbigh High School, Neelam Parmar, Sophie Arkinstall-Doyle, Chris Neesham, Paola Sagastuy, Ralph Cowan and Sue Childs at Ashford and Ashford Prep Schools, Jonathan Clucas and Claire Jones at Layton Primary School, Kieran Briggs, Susan Dench from West Grantham Academy, Peter Twining, Jess Pather from Denbigh High School, Iesha Small, Lucy Turner and Toby Baker at Nesta, Sam Sims, Claire Badger, Kate, Grace Oliver, Jonathan White, and Marion Koutsiouki at Godolphin & Latymer School, Corinne Latham at Seaview Primary School, Greg Hughes at de Ferrers Academy, Zainab Patel at Olive Tree Primary, IRIS Connect, David Rogers, Abid Patel, Alison Clark-Wilson and Kristen Weatherby, Richard Harley, Amy Fancourt, Jules Daulby, Joe Perkins and John Hurst with Apple Distinguished Schools, our course reviewers, and Mash Production.

Our course community Thank you for being a part of our course community over the last 4 weeks. Your contributions have led to a richer experience for everyone. We look forward to continuing our learning together at the Chartered College of Teaching.

When you’re ready, click the ‘Mark as complete’ button below and then select ‘End of Week 4’ to finish this week’s learning and the course.
© Chartered College of Teaching
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Leadership of Education Technology in Schools

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