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Towards Brexit? Course overview

Introductory trailer for the University of Edinburgh's online course - Towards Brexit? The UK's EU Referendum.
The United Kingdom will hold a referendum on whether to stay in or to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016. There are many uncertainties around the referendum. If the UK votes to leave, what kind of relationship would it have with the EU? What will the result mean for the different parts of the United Kingdom? What kind of effect could Brexit have on the rest of the EU? The UK’s history with the EU has also been complicated over the years. Why has the UK often found it difficult being in the EU? What would the EU renegotiation change in this relationship? Will this referendum settle the issue once and for all?
This three-week course addresses these questions and sets out the key facts. In Week 1, we look at the how the UK ended up having a referendum on EU membership. In Week 2 - referendum week - we consider the campaign issues, public opinion and alternatives to being in the EU. In Week 3 - after the vote - we reflect on the result and what it means for the UK and the rest of Europe. In addition, the course offers you the chance to predict the referendum result and to share images of what the EU means to you. You can also ask questions and discuss the issues in our weekly Referendum Round-up and Twitter Town Hall.
Our team of experts from the University of Edinburgh will guide you through this historic referendum. Join us as we explore one of the biggest decisions facing
the UK in a generation: to remain in or to leave the European Union.
Welcome to our course on the UK’s 2016 EU referendum.
The UK’s referendum on whether to stay in or to leave the European Union is on Thursday 23 June 2016. This course will guide you through the referendum – before and after the vote. We will look at the history, break down the key issues and analyse the result. Enjoy the course!
(Video/Design by Tim Askew. Voice/Script by Anthony Salamone.)

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Towards Brexit? The UK's EU Referendum

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