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Basics: A Vote for ‘Leave’

Video by Anthony Salamone (The University of Edinburgh) explaining the results of the UK's EU referendum.
The UK’s referendum on EU membership took place on Thursday 23 June, delivering a vote to leave the European Union. Counting continued through the night and into the morning, with the result close throughout. It became clear in the early morning of 24 June that ‘leave’ had won the day. The final result was 51.9% to leave, with 48.1% to remain. England and Wales voted by majority to leave the EU, while Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar voted by majority to remain in the EU. Turnout was comparably high at 71.8%. The turnout at the 2015 General Election was 66.4%.
Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he will stand down in the coming months, and that a new leader would conduct the UK’s negotiations to withdraw from the European Union. The result will clearly have implications for both the UK and the EU. The differences in the results between the different parts of the UK, while not impacting the official result, raise questions about the constitutional future of the UK. Equally, the EU is now presented with this new challenge to face. The one certainty we know is that the UK will definitively leave the European Union. However, we have as yet no idea of what kind of relationship will replace EU membership.
Moreover, it might only be clear in the coming months and years once we have a clearer sense of the shape of the new UK-EU relationship. The contest was close, with many voters on either side of the debate. This is a momentous event in British politics. The consequences will be significant, and only fully known in time.
Anthony Salamone reviews the results of the UK’s referendum on EU membership.
(Videographer: Kara Johnston)
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Towards Brexit? The UK's EU Referendum

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