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Show you wear gloves when working with food? We discuss the pros and cons of gloves.
Gloves used when preparing food
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Food safe disposable gloves have become widely used in the food service industry. These are perfect when:

  • Handling money – money, especially coins, can carry lots of bacteria. One way to avoid contaminating food is to use disposable gloves, which are changed every time you take a customer’s money.
  • Handling garbage – wear gloves, remove the garbage and line cleaned bin, remove gloves and wash hands.
  • Handling contaminated linen – process the linen based on enterprise policy and then remove gloves and wash hands.
  • Working in front of the public preparing food items such as sandwiches or cutting roasts as it provides a clean image and can act as a heat barrier.
  • Suffering any cuts as the bandaged finger is protected even further and prevents any bacterial contamination.

Disadvantages of Gloves

  • Regular changing of gloves can add considerable cost to food preparation.
  • Gloves can provide a false sense of security as you may not change them as often as washing your hands.
  • Cause skin infection as the skin cannot breathe and dermatitis could be exaggerated.
  • They add to non-recyclable waste.


Can you think of any other disadvantages?

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Food Safety and Personal Hygiene in a Professional Kitchen

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