International Culinary Studio

International Culinary Studio


Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, International Culinary Studio is committed to providing professional, excellent technology driven education delivered in a blended learning format. They are currently the only online educator to offer two courses on the Worldchefs Global Certification framework and offer accredited courses as well as a range of industry specific, hobby and Junior Chef online culinary courses internationally. All of their programmes are created by culinary industry experts and include the most up to date skills, knowledge and technology for their students.

Taught by industry leading chef educators, blended learning combines in-person teaching and online education. The blended learning approach is extremely flexible, meaning students can fit their study around work and family commitments.

International Culinary Studio works closely with their students to offer our unique career related programme which for some course options includes an industry externship, ensuring students gain the necessary skills to be confident in a commercial culinary environment. Their courses are designed to allow greater accessibility of culinary study and help reduce barriers to learning.

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