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Planning Your AR Experience

"How do you plan an AR experience? In this article, Sophie Dixon takes you through the process for planning an Augmented Reality Experience"
Augmented Reality assets are overlaid on a photograph to visualise how the experience might look
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So, you have an idea of the AR experience you want to create, but where do you begin? The best way is to begin mapping out your concept on paper, and then start to create visuals so that you can communicate your idea to the rest of the team – developers, artists, animators, etc. The visuals can be anything from sketches, mood boards, stills photos to 3D assets.

Try these steps to create a blueprint of your AR experience.

1. Start by writing out the user experience/journey of your AR experience

Consider the interactions of your user. Identify the sequence of actions which takes them from the start, to finish, of your experience.

2. Create a Storyboard sequence

Either use the 360 templates provided in Week 1, or use traditional rectangular storyboards if more relevant for your experience.

You might find this software useful for mapping out the experience:

3. Create visualisations

After the storyboarding stage, it can be useful to create visualisations to communicate the look and feel of your AR experience. This includes taking photos of the physical world and then overlaying them with visualizations of your AR content. An example of this can be seen in the image above, taken from Mnemoscene’s Nomad project.

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