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Students share their experiences with summarising and explain what difficulties they encounter.
Well, I scan every text real quick, like how many pages. Then after that, I read every first sentence of every paragraph, and I try to summarise every paragraph with short keywords. I like the Topic Comment way of summarising things, because it helps me just quickly get down, for each paragraph, what it’s about and some bullet points just quickly capturing in a couple of words, two or three words, what the key points were. But for me, it was still a full one page summary of a three page document. So I need to condense it a little bit more.
I find that Topic Comment is quite useful, because it helps me structure the content, and then I think it’s helpful for me to remember. Well, I really liked the TC method, because I have to read a lot of articles for my master’s thesis, and it helps me to give– to get an overview of every article I use. I also use the TC method for writing my master’s thesis. First, I collect all the keywords that I want to write about. After that, I put the keywords in the correct order, and then I start writing.

The Topic Comment method is a way to get a good-looking summary that is clear and useful. Still, as this is your first experience with the TC method, it may have been harder to do than you thought.

What has your experience with the Topic Comment method been like? Did you find it useful, are you getting better at it? Do you think you are going to use the TC method or do you have other methods which work for you?

If you like, share a picture of one of your recently made summaries (topic comment style or other style) with everyone!

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