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Students analyse their use of time

In this video students share their experience with analysing their time, using three different methods.
I monitored my time by using the all-the-way method, which means I record every 15 minutes what I’m doing. And I found it quite complicated. So after two days I started to record in the end of the day. I used the log to monitor my day, and I did it for a whole week. So I use this little log to monitor my day, my week, actually. So I just wrote the important things I did, from waking up to going to sleep.
So 8:00 AM, I woke up. To monitor my time, I was using an app. I was using the HoursTracker. And it was really easy to use, just clicking a button each time I change tasks. So on the Thursday, I was at the library up until just
before 7:00. Then I was at home doing stuff like cooking and cleaning for two hours. Then I went out.
Well, I should spend more time on my study. And then I think the next challenge for me is to reveal the planning and find out more time. So the method I use is called all the way. I recorded the actions in every 15 minutes. Well, I’m pretty satisfied about my week. It has a solid structure every day. But I tend to be very sensitive when it comes to distractions, like a friend asking me for a cup of coffee, and it might end up being half an hour instead of just 10 minutes. Look, at the moment, it’s exam time, so I was obviously spending a lot more time at the library than I had anticipated or planned for.
And that meant as a result, there was less time for sleeping.
My biggest time wasters are definitely social media, because every time I grab my phone to look at Facebook, I definitely lose like 15 minutes or so. So my solution for that was to remove the app from my phone. And now the app doesn’t trigger me anymore, so I have more free time. For me, the biggest time wasters were drinking coffee and going out at night. There’s too much fun.

In this video students share the analysis of their time schedule. There are different tools to keep track of your time, and doing this will allow you to see exactly what you are doing in a day, week or month.

What was the most striking thing you found out (about your use of time) last week?

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