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Which technique would you use?

Students explain which revision techniques they use and how it helps them to memorise their study material.
So I like to study with my fellow classmates. There’s a lot of back and forth going of all the study material. There’s a lot of repetition. We quiz each other, and that helps me to study more effectively and memorise all the things that I have to learn. The revision technique I use is called memory aid. I think it’s really helpful, because it helps me to remember a collection of concepts. For example, I need to remember nine different areas of waste identified by Canon. And I took every initials of every area and then make them into a sentence called WHO IS DEEP, so it’s really easy for me to remember everything. So the revision tool that I was using was flashcards.
On the flashcards, I was recording the name of the case, the important parts from the judgement, and any rules that were established in that case. And for me, this is– it helps me to memorise the cases pretty quickly and easily, because I can look at the card, read it, move on to the next one, and then test myself on it again for revision.

In this video the students explain their experiences with some of the revision techniques.

  1. What revision technique would you like to try out? Choose 1 of the 6 revision steps that were stated in the previous activity.

Please share your experciences with your fellow learners. Thus, you all get a closer look at the revision methods, which can be very inspiring!

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