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Fear as a visitor

Animation with an imagination exercise to deal with stress during an exam.
Fear as a visitor
Even if you studied very hard And you know enough During an exam … Fear of failure can take over your brain How to deal with this fear? Imagine your fear as a dog
That comes to visit when you get stressed
It has good intentions, but It doesn’t help What would you do? [Dog:] You will fail the exam! [Dog:] You might as well give up! [Dog:] You will never learn this [Dog:] Run and hide!
Train yourself to be more task focused You can train the dog [Dog:] So much work!!
[Dog:] Start worrying!
[Dog:] So many questions!
[Dog:] You are way behind! [Dog barks]
You are the boss! [Dog barks] [You:] Thank you, but I really need to concentrate
[Dog goes to sleep] During an exam
instead of being anxiety focussed Teach yourself to be task focused [You:] Thank you for the warning, but now I will focus on my exam
[Dog goes to sleep] Deal with fear
Fear is only a visitor

The imagination exercise in this animation can help you in dealing with stressful study situations, such as doing an exam.

Which other tips or methods help you when experiencing study stress? Please share with fellow learners.

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