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The content marketing funnel

The content marketing funnel

Now you’ve looked at the types of content available and even tried plotting them on a chart to check you’re meeting your marketing intentions of reaching the right people at the right time.

But it can be easy to lose focus with content marketing. Just as it’s easy for marketers to make their content too salesy and put people off, it can also be easy to forget that content marketing is not content for content’s sake. It is there to deliver your goals.

One way to ensure your content plan is coming together in the right way is to map your content types not just on the matrix but on the marketing funnel.

The marketing funnel is the term for the process that leads somebody from first becoming aware of your brand, through considering it and then (hopefully) ultimately it leads to purchasing. It is usually visually represented just like the kind of funnel you would use in cooking or in science.

  • The awareness stage is called ‘top of the funnel’.
  • The consideration stage is ‘middle of the funnel’.
  • The close-to-purchase stage is ‘bottom of the funnel’.

Tofu-Mofu-Bofu graphic

Now you’re going to map your own content or planned content against each of these three areas. You can use our sheet below and circle the types of content you’re planning to have in your plan.

3 Stages funnel graphic

What does it tell you? Do you have types of content in each section of the funnel? Are you planning to lead people through each stage of the funnel, to get them from the first moments they hear about you, right through to buying?

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