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How can social media benefit your brand or organisation?

This article introduces learners to the importance of social media marketing in promoting a product or service.

Social media can only benefit your business when it has a positive effect on the relationship between a business and its consumers.

A ‘success gap’ is growing between businesses that use social media in an informal, ad hoc manner and those that are taking a more planned, strategic approach.

The benefits of social media for your brand

Making social media a priority helps businesses to:

1. Improve brand recognition and authority

More and more people discover brands on social media. The more mentions, the more authoritative a brand becomes.

2. Improve brand loyalty

Consumers following brands on social media are, by definition, interested in the brand. Those that engage by sharing and replying tend to be more loyal.

Social is also a great customer service channel giving you the chance to improve your brand’s reputation.

3. Move consumers along the path to purchase

Keeping the brand at the front of a consumer’s mind guarantees that it will be considered when the consumer makes a decision to buy over a competitor.

4. Improve conversion rates

Consumers turn to social media to help them decide on a purchase or for reassurance before buying. Posts and sponsored posts will help, as can influencers.

5. Increase web traffic

Inbound traffic is desirable and many brands find social media to be an effective way for content to be found and shared. Good performance on social media also improves a site’s search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings.

6. Understand customers better

Social media allows a business to communicate with a target audience in real-time, winning feedback from customers and insights into their views.

7. Give staff more authority

Brands that encourage their own staff to discuss their brand on social media may find proud advocates. Sales staff on social in business-to-business (B2B) marketing is particularly important.

8. Create communities

Social media allows organisations and individuals to create communities with shared interests or goals. These communities often encourage peer-to-peer over brand-to-peer engagement.

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