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Case study: VOXI

Video demonstrates the background of the VOXI campaign.
Vodafone wanted to launch a youth brand called Voxi, the first network to offer endless social data exclusively for the under-25s. On average, under-25s check their phone 150 times a day and for less than 10 seconds at a time. 48% of them are likely to use ad blockers. And 42% distrust advertising. Our challenge? Launch this exciting new network to the most easily distracted and marketing-savvy audience ever. We knew they didn’t want to hear from us. So we didn’t speak to them. Instead, we let their peers do all the talking. Instead of a traditional advertising campaign, we took 100 young and up and coming artists, musicians, and designers.
Then we let them loose, giving them free rein to create social content that explored the boundaries of what endless social data could do. Our creators kept producing fresh new content, creating five new pieces every week. And crucially, we kept all content under 10 seconds. By the end of the launch period, we had more than doubled the awareness of Voxi, with consideration 8% above Vodafone for 16 to 24s. Voxi is now seen as the most modern network. 66% agree versus EE at 50%. And the most innovative 48% versus EE, 35%. Most of all, we brought an entirely new audience to the client, with 97% of Voxi members being completely immune to Vodafone.
Our launch delivered the under-25s by going under the radar and using content under 10 seconds. And if you’re wondering why you personally haven’t seen this campaign, the honest answer is because it worked.

Let’s work through a DMA Award-winning campaign to see how they turned their business objectives into industry-leading social campaigns.

In 2018, Vodafone needed help targeting a young audience who were heavy phone users but resistant to traditional advertising.

The Strategy

Working with Ogilvy and Wavemaker they created VOXI, a bespoke mobile network for under-25s with focus on unlimited data for social media. This core offering was conceived from learning how data is drained by social apps.
A black banner which reads "Endless Social Media

The Creative

To target these heavy users of social media apps, they needed to produce high-quality content which could cut-through, and add value. To meet the challenge they enrolled 100 young visual artists cast from a wide pool of photographers, filmmakers, animators and illustrators from all over the UK.
A photograph of young people smiling with the VOXI logo

The Results

In seven months, over 120 distinctive pieces of Youth Generated Content (YGC) were published. The content was viewed over 31 million times on social media. And it cut through: VOXI reached 31% awareness levels within 16-24s with consideration for Vodafone also up 3% amongst 16-24s.
Examples of VOXI's graphic style

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