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Using large cutting equipment safely

All professional kitchens (and often home kitchens) have large cutting equipment. We discuss how to use large cutting equipment safely.
Industrial meat slicer
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Large cutting equipment refers to equipment such as saws, meat slicers, electric peelers, mincing machines and other electrical or mechanical equipment that has sharp blades.

  • Large equipment can cause injury if not used properly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • You must concentrate when you are using the equipment.
  • Before using any large cutting equipment that is electrical or mechanical, you must have received the correct training.
  • Make sure you are wearing the required protective gear when using these large items.
  • Before using the equipment, make sure that you have cleaned and sanitized it. Bacteria can grow on equipment that has not been properly cleaned and this can cause food poisoning.
  • Before cleaning the equipment and removing any parts, made sure you have switched it off at the wall and unplugged it prior to dismantling it.
  • Report any fault or damage to equipment to your supervisor. Do not use the equipment until it has been repaired. You should place a sign on the broken piece of equipment that clearly states, ‘out of order’ so that it cannot injure others.
  • Electrical equipment must be tagged according to the country’s electrical regulations.
  • Conduct regular maintenance checks of equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure legal compliance and prolong the life of equipment.
  • Guards or pushers must always be fitted and used according to the equipment’s safety instructions.


Look at the following picture of a meat slicer above. Can you identify any safety features that we have discussed above? What safety instructions would you give to someone that was going to clean this cutting machine? What are the dangers of not cleaning it correctly?

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