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Case study feedback

Now you have listened and discussed the case study consultation, read through the feedback and compare your discussion points.
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Now you have listened and discussed the consultation, read through the feedback and compare your discussion points.

Did you pick up on the following potential safeguarding issues?

  • Hydration – are there signs of neglect?
  • Personal presentation
  • Environmental factors e.g. signs of neglect, the reactions and responses of other people with the patient
  • Possible concerns over capacity – but at this stage unclear due to the patients’ illness.
  • Possible concern over son being involved with the patient’s finances – there be a logical explanation for this, he may be busy, ill himself or not been able to visit due to other commitments.

How would you escalate the issues that you identified?

The first assessment is to ensure whether this falls under under safeguarding adults’ duties as defined by the Care Act 2014. In this case, we would also want to clarify whether there are any existing safeguarding alerts relating to the patient or if any current agency involvement (statutory and private providers).

You can raise concerns by contacting the local authority. Their website should have a section explaining how to report possible abuse and neglect. Alternatively, call the main local authority number and say you want to raise a safeguarding concern. If you have problems getting through to speak to someone, ask your local Age UK if they can help. Once you notify the local authority of your concerns, it has a duty to respond appropriately. It might initiate a safeguarding enquiry, provide social care services, or provide information and advice to help resolve the issue. It must have regard to the views of the person concerned.

It should be noted that this the process for the UK, please ensure you are aware of the processes local to you with regards to raising safeguarding concerns.

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Conducting Remote Consultations and Triage

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