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Guide for our investigation

Let’s agree to some basic guidelines for our learning journey together.
Map of the world showing network connections between the different countries,
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Let’s agree to some basic guidelines for our learning journey together.

ARCHE and the School of Environment and Science at Griffith University have created this learning space because we’re committed to research and the furtherance of knowledge. We also believe in the power of collaboration.

This investigation will give you many opportunities to collaborate with like-minded learners. You will also be able to engage with our lead educators. Join in at each discussion point and share your thoughts in the comments section anytime. You are not alone on this investigation.

Our learning philosophy

We are enthusiastic about innovative learning and our aim is to:

  • challenge you with new and interesting ideas
  • prompt you to connect and engage with other learners and educators
  • test your knowledge and understanding against defined learning outcomes.

To give yourself the best opportunity to gain the most out of this course, keep in mind the following:

Get involved

We pitch our courses at adult learners from around the globe. Like you, they have diverse work, life and study experiences. One of the most important ways for you to enhance your learning is by connecting. Respond and engage in topic-related conversations with other participants.

Likewise, participating in the set tasks is also a vital tool for gaining the most out of this course.

Be mindful of others

Some discussions may ask you to share personal opinions or experiences that may be sensitive or controversial. In such situations, you should only share your thoughts if you’re comfortable doing so.

While we encourage robust debate, we also ask you to observe the FutureLearn Code of Conduct. Be respectful of other participants and their individual points of view.

The 3Cs

In engaging with other learners, keep in mind the 3Cs:

  • Curious – ask questions, seek clarification, be open to others’ differences
  • Constructive – build on other learners’ ideas, arguments or experiences
  • Compassionate – be kind and respectful towards others.

Your task

Use the comments section and tell us about your experiences with online learning. If you’ve already completed a Griffith University course here, welcome back! Be sure to let us know if you are a returning learner.

This may be the first time you’ve studied online. If so, you might want to use the comments section below to ask some questions.

If you’ve already studied with FutureLearn, you may be able to help. You may like to answer a question, share your own experiences or offer some helpful tips and advice.

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Written in Bone: An Introduction to Forensic and Bio-archaeology

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