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Wrapping up Week 1

It is now time to pause and reflect on what you learned so far. Watch Dr. Mathei summarize Week 1.
We learn, work, buy, sell, relax, and even find dates online. Social interaction today is partly social media interaction. Social media are many things, including all those sites where we share and interact with other people. Social media are platforms that exist as social utilities, as services for getting things done by helping each other. Social media are made of human behavior and cognitions. One important social media record every trace of human interaction. In this respect, social media are not only utilities but also treasure troves of information. Collecting and making this information actionable is the subject matter of this course.
The ways in which you can do it, and the steps you need to take to become conversant in it, are the subject of what will follow in the next weeks of this course.

We hope you are enjoying the course so far.

This week we have discovered that social media is more about people and their cognitions and behaviours than it is about content. Social media is a unique research laboratory that collects traces of human interactions which reveal important insights and behaviours.

So far, you’ve looked at the opportunities that arise from using data from social media campaigns and learned how social media analytics could help businesses gain intelligence and actionable insight to grow their markets. Also, you’ve explored the basic social media data relevant to professionals and analysed businesses’ social media framework.

  • Based on your learning this week, what ideas do you have on how social media analytics can improve communication, social modelling, and business insights for your organisation? Summarize your takeaways in a few sentences.
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