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Reviewing your learning this week

Summary of week's work in the Using feedback to improve course, the 4th course in the Inspiring young people in STEM program.
[Angela] This week, we’ve identified the range of people who could provide you with feedback on your volunteering activities. And examine tools and techniques with gathering immediate feedback from young people. We’ve also encouraged you to try out some new techniques in your volunteering activities. We’ve introduced the type of questions and the approach you could take to gather feedback from educators. We’ve also looked at how to relate your experience to giving and receiving feedback from the workplace. And to build on this and use when gathering feedback from young people and educators. Next week we’ll be examining why self reflection is important, and the process of self reflection to improve volunteering, and develop yourself.
You’ll also have the opportunity to share feedback you have received with other learners. We will also start to think about the broader evaluation of volunteering activities, how you can personally contribute to evaluating STEM ambassador and other volunteering activities. Thank you for joining us in week one. We’ve enjoyed reading your comments and contributions, and look forward to working with you in week two.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first week of the course.

This week we’ve identified a range of people who could provide you with feedback on your volunteering activities and examined tools and techniques for gathering feedback from young people and educators.

Next week we’ll look at self-reflection and how to improve your volunteering based on the feedback you receive.


Take a moment now to reflect on your learning and record your progress. In the comments below, post your responses to the following questions:
  • What have you found out this week that was new or surprised you?
  • What do you want to find out more about?
  • How have your ideas or approaches to gathering feedback on your volunteering changed?
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Volunteering in the Classroom: Feedback, Reviewing and Improving STEM Activities

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