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You are valuable

In this video you will learn about your importance at the workplace and why your workplace wellbeing is so important for you and your employer.
Remember that you are valuable to your team. The workplace hired you, they did so for a reason, because they believe in you, they believe that you are the right person for that position. And they’ve invested in you maybe by educating you, by giving you time to get up to speed on the task that you are supposed to do. And replacing you is not so simple. If you’re a person who suffers from low self-esteem, it might be helpful to remember these things. And you can also remember that if the company invested in you, if they care about you, then they care about your health.
And they care that you enjoy your workplace and your daily work. So, there should be a drive from an employer to make the workday a little bit better for you to make sure that you don’t overwork yourself or overextend yourself, that you maintain a good level of health. That should be what the company wants for you. And when it comes to equipment or services or things you need in order to complete your work efficiently, you can actually go back and look at your salary. In Sweden, we often have a lot of overhead with tax and so on, and you can kind of start estimating how much value you can put on your time.
Compared to your monthly salary it’s usually not so expensive to buy additional an monitor if that means you become 10 percent more efficient. And gym membership, to make sure that you improve your physical health by doing that, also your emotional health and reducing your stress can be very beneficial for the company because that means you as an employee is more healthy, more efficient, happier at work. All these things come together and a good employer should look after those things. And I think you can request some of these things. Of course, that depends a little bit on your culture, the country you’re in and so on. So, you have to evaluate this on your own.
But I think you can look towards a good employer to do these things for you that they should reward good work, that they should care about your well-being. They should avoid forced overtime if possible. And if for some reason you have to work overtime to make a delivery or deliverable, maybe they can compensate you somehow to make it worth your time. But your health is very important because you are valuable to the company. Remember that.

In this video you will learn about your importance at the workplace and why your workplace wellbeing is so important for you and your employer.


Before moving on, are there things you need to get the work done efficiently that you have not asked for because you don’t want to be an inconvenience to your employer?

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